The name of the curator and the theme have been announced – 6. Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
The name of the curator and the theme have been announced

On 12 May 2017 in Ca’ Foscari University of Venice commissioner of 6. Moscow International Biennale for Young Art Ekaterina Kibovskaya introduced the curator of the Main Project of the biennale that will take place in Moscow in summer 2018, Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti, a young independent curator from Italy.


The theme of the 2018 edition of the biennale proposed by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti is Abracadabra.


Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti, curator of the Main project:

“The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art is internationally renowned for its ability to bring fresh and challenging perspectives into the art world, and I hope I will be up to the task. I am very grateful to the organisation for the trust proven in the project and for giving me the unique chance to explore the practices of young artists from all over the world to build a new project within the inspiring context of Moscow. The biennial’s main project, ‘Abracadabra,’ will be dedicated to the pressure to perform of contemporary life, in which the boundaries between what is private, professional and public have been completely blurred. The title refers to the archaic incantation ‘Abracadabra’ as well as to the homonymous disco song by the Steve Miller Band, popular in the 80s. The metaphor of the dance floor will be a red thread and framework to investigate the relationship between independent agency, pleasure and commitment. This is why, when choosing the artists, I aim to give preference to those who work with performative practices, moving images and sound”.


Ekaterina Kibovskaya, commissioner of the Biennale:

“Moscow International Biennale for Young Art consists not only of the Main Project that will be curated by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti this year, but also of Strategic Projects, Special, Parallel and Educational Programs. In 2016 within the framework of the biennale were held over 60 exhibitions in Moscow, several projects opened in Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg. This is a lot, but I am sure that in 2018 we will manage to attract to our Project apart from the international guests even more artists and curators form different regions of Russia. This will undoubtedly broaden our horizons”.


Vasily Tseretely, executive director of Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA): “Moscow International Biennale for Young Art one of the youngest biennale in the world, however, it already has impressive experience and achievements to be proud of. For us, ROSIZO and MMOMA, organizers of this cultural initiative it is a great honor to announce the theme and the curator of our biennale within the walls of Ca’ Foscari University. And I hope that in a few years the artists participating at the biennale for young art will get the chance to participate at the Venice Biennial. I invite all the guests of the Venice forum in the upcoming year 2018 to attend the opening of 6. Moscow International Biennale for Young Art”.


About the curator of the Main Project


Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti (Desenzano del Garda, 1990) is an independent curator and co-founder of the research-driven non-profit space CLOG, Torino. She completed the curatorial programme by De Appel, Amsterdam, in 2017. Starting from 2018 she will be the coordinator of the Young Curators Residency Programme by Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino. She previously worked as artistic advisor for Artissima, Torino, assistant curator for Tutttovero by Francesco Bonami, Castello di Rivoli and GAM, Torino and Shit and Die by Maurizio Cattelan, Myriam Ben Salah and Marta Papini; TOILETPAPER Magazine and Le Dictator, Milano. Calabrò Visconti graduated in Visual and Performing Arts at IUAV, Venice, attended the curatorial programme CAMPO12 at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, and pursued a curatorial internship at Artists Space, New York. She writes for contemporary art and culture journals, founded the online projects “Curatorshit,” “shitndie” and “Ketchup Drool”, and her most recent projects include: Why Is Everybody Being So Nice?, De Appel, Amsterdam, Goodbye, See You After the Revolution!, UvA, Amsterdam, Dear Betty: Run Fast, Bite Hard, GAMeC, Bergamo.